Leigh Premier Road Club
Founded 1964
Affiliated to BC, CTT, M&DTTA, NLTTA, L&LSPOCO


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ROAD RACES - Result Highlights for 2009

8th Road Race League Event 1 - Ribble Valley CRC - Treales Elite/1st/2nd Nathan Turnbull 32nd
15th Road Race League Event 2 - Chester RC - Saighton Elite/1/2cat event Nathan Turnbull 28th
15th Maxgear RR League (above) 3/4cat event Richard Maughan 6th
22nd Road Race League Event 3 - Daffodil Road Race Elite/1/2cat event Nathan Turnbull 16th
19th Stone Whs TLI Road Race 55m Simon Bridge 7th
19th Two Counties RR (Bridgenorth) Jack Hill 7th
19th TLI Cheshire Series (Under 40s) Event 1 Simon Bridge 1st
5th TLI Cheshire Series (Under 40s) Event 2 Simon Bridge 2nd
26th TLI Cheshire Series (Under 40s) Event 4 Simon Bridge 3rd
30th Seamons CC TLI RR (Allostock) Simon Bridge 4th (1st Under 40s)
19th TLI National Championship (Under 40s) Simon Bridge 3rd
23rd JF Parkinson TLI RR (Under 40's) Simon Bridge 1st
11th Weaver Valley Autumn RR (Weaverham) Simon Bridge 3rd

TIME TRIALS - Result Highlights for 2009
21 Feb Cleveleys RC 2up 10 Nathan Turnbull / A Royle (Abbtsfd Pk)
22-44 (1st Senior/Junior Team)
29 Mar West Pennine RC 14 SPOCO L142 Nathan Turnbull 36-34 (7th)
4th Withington Whs 25 J2/9 Simon Bridge 1-0-33
5th Nelson Whs 50m Hilly
"Circuit of the Dales"
Nathan Turnbull 2-8-17 (7th)
Richard Maughan 2-20-07
10th Buxton CC Hilly 33m J8/3 Nathan Turnbull 1-33-57 (8th),
Simon Bridge 1-35-22 (11th)
10th B'head NECC Hilly 22m D22/1 M.Tickle 56-22, A.Chalmers 57-08
12th Rudy Project Hilly 31m L311
Circuit of Bassenthwaite
Nathan Turnbull 1-14-06 (14th)
15th Inter Club 10m D10/1 M.Tickle 24-25, A.Chalmers 24-35, B.Fairhurst 27-04
18th Bolton Clarion CC 10m L101 Bill Fairhurst 25-36
25th Mchr & DLC Assoc. 10m J2/1 Simon Bridge 22-30 (4th)
2nd Glossop Kinder Velo 25m J2/9 Simon Bridge 56-59 (12th)
16th Stone Wheelers 25 J5/8 Andy Chalmers 1-2-17, B.Fairhurst 1-3-12
19th Inter Club 10 D10/1

CLUB 10m CHAMPS 1.Simon Bridge 22-49 2.Nathan Turnbull 22-55 3.Richard Maughan 23-56, Andy Chalmers 24-46, Martin Sackfield 25-01, Bill Fairhurst 26-33, Rob Aston 27-43, Kevin Cook 28-10, John Crook 28-28, Colin Reynolds 30-15

23rd Dukinfield CC 25m J2/9 Simon Bridge 57-14 (=9th)
30th Manchester VTTA 50 J5/12 Mark Tickle 2-4-11, B.Fairhurst 2-22-12
3rd Inter Club 10 D10/1 Bill Fairhurst 25-49
6th Lancaster CC 10 L1015 Mark Tickle 24-06, Bill Fairhurst 25-48
7th Preston Whs 50 L508 Richard Maughan 2-9-04, M.Tickle 2-11-26
13th Phoenix CC (Aintree) 10 D10/1 Bill Fairhurst 25-32
13th Janus RC 25 J2/9 CLUB 25m CHAMPS 1.Nathan Turnbull 58-08 2.Simon Bridge 58-12 3. Mark Tickle 1-1-28, Andy Chalmers 1-3-11, Martin Sackfield 1-6-44
16th Inter Club 25 D25/3 Mark Tickle 1-1-18, C. Reynolds 1-16-10
17th Blackburn & Dist CTC 11m L111 SPOCO CLUB SPOCO CHAMPS 1.Simon Bridge 26-58 (3rd in event) 2. Nathan Turnbull 27-52 (5th in event)
20th Kent Valley RC 10 L1015 Bill Fairhurst 24-58
28th Rhyl CC 25 D25/9 A. Chalmers 1-2-06, B.Fairhurst 1-4-59
30th Inter Club 25 D25/3 Mark Tickle 1-0-23, C. Reynolds 1-15-23
1st Inter Club 10 D10/1 Bill Fairhurst 24-49
1st Inter Club 10 J2/1 Andy Chalmers 24-18
8th Inter Club 10 J2/1 Andy Chalmers 24-38
11th Cheshire RC 50 J4/16 CLUB 50m CHAMPS 1.Simon Bridge 1-54-40 (3rd in event) 2. Mark Tickle 2-8-33
3. Martin Sackfield 2-10-43
12th Birkenhead NECC 25 D25/6 B.Fairhurst 1-6-49
18th Border City Wheelers 10 L1010 B.Fairhurst 25-35
19th Shropshire & West Cheshire Association 100 D100/1 CLUB 100m CHAMPS 1.Martin Sackfield 4-57
22nd Birkenhead CC D10/19 B.Fairhurst 24-51
6th South Pennine CC 10 A10/19 Simon Bridge 20-37 (2nd)
15th Seamons CC 25 J2/9 Simon Bridge 57-55 (7th)
16th National Champs 12 hour D12/1 CLUB 12hr CHAMPS 1.Nathan Turnbull 241.91mls
30th VC Melyd 10 D10/15 Bill Fairhurst 23-56, Colin Reynolds 27-07 (1st handicap)
29th Manchester Whrs 25 J5/8 Simon Bridge 55-59
5th Stretford Whrs 25 J2/9 Simon Bridge 56-22
13th Buxton CC Hill Climb (Long Hill) Mark Turnbull 14-50.7s (6th), Nathan Turnbull 15-09.1s (7th)
27th North LancsTTA 25 L253 A.Chalmers 1-11-22 (off course!),
Colin Reynolds 1-16-08
3rd Rossendale RC Hill Climb L801 (Crown Point) M.Tickle 3m 22s (4th)
10th Lancashire RC Hill Climb (The Rake) CLUB HILL CLIMB CHAMPS 1. Mark Tickle 3m 03.9s, 2. Mark Turnbull 3m 05.2s, 3. Nathan Turnbull 3m 09.6s (16th, 18th & 19th in event)

26th Newton le Willows Triathlon
(400m swim, 14.5m bike, 4.5m run)
Andy Chalmers 1-21-32, 16th (from field of 130), 3rd in age group
OTHER EVENTS - Result Highlights for 2008
10th Stratford on Avon Triathlon (400m swim, 23.5km bike, 5km run)
Andy Chalmers 1-8-16, 17th (from field of 598, 2nd in Age Group, 9th on bike leg)
31st Nantwich Triathlon (500m swim, 20k bike, 5k run) Andy Chalmers 1-4-50 25th (from field of 525, 3rd in Age Group, 14th on bike leg)
21st Liverpool Triathlon (1500m swim, 40k bike, 10k run) Andy Chalmers 2-22-13 40th (from field of 318, 9th on bike leg)
19th Trentham Gardens Triathlon (500m swim, 15ml bike, 3.5ml run)

Andy Chalmers 1-19-23
11th overall, 1st in age group (8th on bike leg)

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