Leigh Premier Road Club
Founded 1964
Affiliated to BC, CTT, M&DTTA, NLTTA, L&LSPOCO


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ROAD RACES - Result Highlights for 2007

10-11 Mersey RC 2day (Premier Calendar) Nathan Turnbull Overall 48th
18 NW Recycling Lge (Saighton) Mark Turnbull 9th, Nathan Turnbull 21st
25 NW Recycling Lge (83km Lindale) Mark Turnbull 4th, Nathan Turnbull 23rd
1 Merseyside Whs RR (Pimbo) Carl Johnston, Darren Topping =16th
1 Tour of Reservoir (Premier Calendr) Nathan Turnbull 51st
6-9 Four Day "Tour of the Borders"
Stage Race
Nathan Turnbull 4th 1st stage, 22nd Overall
3rd King of the Mountains Competition
15 Frank Morgan RR (Kirkby) Carl Johnston 40th
15 NW Recycling Lge (Capenwray) Mark Turnbull 7th, Nathan Turnbull 23rd
22 NW Recycling Lge (Elswick) Mark Turnbull 6th, Nathan Turnbull 7th
29 Thurcroft CC Spring RR Mark Turnbull 6th
5-6 Cheshire 2 day Stage Race OVERALL Mark Turnbull 5th, Nathan Turnbull 30th. STAGE 1 :Mark 64th Nathan 46th. STAGE 2 Team Time Trial : Joint 5th. STAGE 3 : Mark 5th, Nathan 30th.
13 Brenig Road Race Nathan Turnbull 5th
15 Lune RCC Crit. Scale Hall Event 5 Nathan Turnbull 1st
19 Bickerstaffe Road Race Darren Topping 11th
27 NW Recycling Lge (Lach Dennis) Nathan Turnbull 18th
21 Lune RCC Crit. Scale Hall Nathan Turnbull 1st
17 Lune RCC Crit. Scale Hall Nathan Turnbull 3rd
22 NW Recycling Lge (Pimbo) Nathan Turnbull 26th
24 Lune RCC Crit. Scale Hall Nathan Turnbull 1st
29 NW Recycling Lge (Smithfields) Nathan Turnbull 21st
31 Lune RCC Crit. Scale Hall Nathan Turnbull 3rd
5 NW Recycling Lge (Ulverston) Nathan Turnbull 15th
7 Lune RCC Crit. Scale Hall Nathan Turnbull 1st
23 NW Recycling Lge (Elswick) Nathan Turnbull 6th

TIME TRIALS - Result Highlights for 2007
3rd M & DTTA 10 J2/3 Darren Topping 24-54
10th Nova CC 2up 25 J2/9 Darren Topping / Carl Johnston 1-3-48
6th Birkenhead NECC "Hilly" 22m D.Topping 54-41, Bill Fairhurst 1-1-00, D.Unsworth 1-1-30, A.Chalmers 1-7-27
14th Macclesfield Whs 25m J2/9 D.Topping 1-0-44, G.Hinde 1-5-50
14th Lancashire RC 10m L101 Bill Fairhurst 25-19
28th Wigan Wheelers 10m L101 Darren Topping 23-19, Paul Fish 24-26
12th Leigh Premier Open 10m D10/1 Nathan Turnbull 22-07 (2nd), D. Unsworth 25-26, Martin Sackfield 25-49
16th Oldham Century RC Hilly 18 CLUB SPOCO CHAMPS 1. Nathan Turnbull
19th Stone Whs 25 J5/8 CLUB 25m CHAMPS 1. Andy Chalmers 1-3-47 2. Derek Unsworth 1-3-58
26th Dukinfield CC 25 J2/9 D.Topping 1-1-35
26th Holme Vly Whs 25 V232 B.Fairhurst 1-4-04, D.Unsworth 1-4-17
2nd Liverpool Century RC 10 B.Fairhurst 25-41
2nd Manchester Whs 50 J4/16 D.Topping 2-5-52
7th Inter club 10 D10/1 B.Fairhurst 24-53
17th Mercia CC 25 K16/25 D.Unsworth 1-3-31
21st Kent Valley RC 10 L1015 D.Unsworth 23-58, B.Fairhurst 24-19
26th Inter club 10 D10/1 CLUB 10m CHAMPS 1. Nathan Turnbull 22-26 2. Darren Topping 23-31 3. Derek Unsworth 25-15, Bill Fairhurst 25-45
3rd Birkenhead CC 10 D10/19 B. Fairhurst 25-05
7th Team Swift Allsports 25 V234 B. Fairhurst 1-2-25
15th N.Lancs VTTA 100 L1008 CLUB 100m CHAMPS 1. Darren Topping 4-38-15 2. Derek Unsworth 4-56-38
15th Yorkshire CF 50 V255 B. Fairhurst 2-12-12
21st Border City Whs 10 L1010 B. Fairhurst 25-04
28th Warrington RC 50 J4/16 D.Topping 2-12-44
1st Inter club 10 J2/1 A.Chalmers 24-18
4th VTTA Manchester J2/9 D.Topping 1-2-03
5th Pennine CC 50 V252 D.Unsworth 2-9-34
11th Pendle Forest CC 10 L1015 D.Topping 22-18, D.Unsworth 23-50
25th Congleton CC 50 J4/16 CLUB 50m CHAMPS 1. D.Topping 2-2-13, 2. D.Unsworth 2-18-42
1st Barrow Central Whs 10 L1015 D.Topping 22-21
5th Inter Club 10 D10/1 D.Unsworth 24-58
8th ABC Centreville CC 25 J2/9 D.Topping 1-0-16
12th Inter Club 10 D10/1 D.Topping 22-55, D.Unsworth 24-03
15th Wigan Whs 10 L1015 D.Topping 22-41, D.Unsworth 24-16
16th Lancaster CC L2524 D.Unsworth 1-6-39
22nd Yorkshire RC 50 V259 D.Unsworth 2-7-10
22nd Withington Whs 10 J2/1 D.Topping 23-46
6th Warrington RC 2up 25 J2/9 D.Topping & S.Hankey (Warrington RC) 55-50
14th Lancs RC Hill Climb "The Rake" CLUB HILL CLIMB CHAMPS 1. M.Turnbull
3-04, 2. N.Turnbull 3-07

16th Newton le Willows Triathlon Andy Chalmers 11th / 104finishers
OTHER EVENTS - Result Highlights for 2007

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