A day of Mountain Biking in Vancouver,Canada 2007



Stanley Park is a forested area on a penninsular at the edge of Vancouver with fire trails, & a 10km path running around the perimeter

"Sprinter" Statue entering Stanley Park, with Vancouver city skyline in the background

"The Lion's Gate Bridge" over to North Vancouver & a stop on the forest trails by a small sapling !!

Stanley Park's Totem Poles

"The Hollow Tree"

At the beginning of the nineteenth century,
the hollow tree was reckoned to be
the most photographed spot in Canada


WILD LIFE SPOTTING ! - "Beaver Lake" (left) & a Raccoon pops out, right on cue for a photo !!

"The Lost Lagoon"

SSunset behind the "Inukshuk" statue on Engish Bay
The traditional Ennuit statue is a welcoming sign & has been chosen as the logo
for Vancouver hosting the 2010 Olympic Games

Fortunately this never happened to me !! tely

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© Photographs copyright Bill Fairhurst
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