Cheshire's Myths,Ghosts & Legends..

THe Legend of Rostherne Mere

Every year at dawn on Easter Monday a mermaid appears, and rings a sunken bell.
.Afterwards sitting on it and singing. The bell came from Rostherne church many years before.
When the peal was being rung the heaviest bell broke away and rolled into the water.

The Legend of THe Wizard of Alderley Edge

..According to legend, in Merlin's cave below the Edge, King Arthur & his knights
..lie sleeping, watched over by the wizard, & waiting to be recalled when needed.

..Pic shows Merlin wondering what to do with Andy & Derek !!

The Ghost of THe Headless Woman of Tarvin

.. Grace Trigg was a servant at nearby Hockenhull Hall during the civil war.
When Cromwell's troops captured the Royalist family, she was tortured in an effort to find out where
the family treasure was hidden. Grace remained silent & in frustration the troops struck off her head.
She is said to have carried it to where the pub now stands bearing her name - The Headless Woman !

The Legend of Beeston Castle's Treasure
After his death at Bosworth FIeld, Richard III's men, are said to have hidden his treasure
(200,000 marks - today £9.5m) in a castle well with a 370ft deep shaft. The legend is so strong
that efforts were made in 1842, 1935 & by a well equipped team in the 1970s to find it.

OnNote - For the next club run to Beeston don't forget to take spades & shovels !!!

The ghostly pig of Winwick Church

The site & name of Winwick Church were determined by a supernatural pig !
During the first night when building commenced, the pig was seen crying "Wee-eenick", & moving
stones to a place nearby where St Oswald, King of Northumbria was killed in 642.
The founder of the church took this as a divine sign, accepted the new site, and later had a
fat bellied pig carved on the tower over the west entrance. It can now be seen from the A49.
For more on the Winwick Legend - catch the flying pig & click on it !!

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